A prototype of Ooh Bunny™ has been
crafted with felt and polyester stuffing.
Final product will be made with quality
fleece. Things are coming along quite
nicely. They will be for sale on the website
later on.

HugClub™ Plushie

 Ladies and Gentlefolk, I proudly present to you
an official HugClub Plushie of Tony Panda.

Handmade using strong felt and stuffed with
polyester. Materials are subject to change in
the future..

I'm putting them for sale on the website.

Update: USD is no longer accepted. May
now pay with Bitcoin.

Clean up!

Hello again folks!  The site went through a minor php update, so now everything is working again.  On the 24th, the host migrated the site to a new server, so I'm using php 5.4 standards now.

What does it mean for you?  It means you can now preview the e-card you sent after you've sent it! A link should appear that you can copy and paste to view. (yeah I know it's not clickable.. stupid php...)

In other important news, I'm deleting a few older blog posts below to clean things up a bit.  As you know, e-cards can be previewed by clicking the thumbnail, so I don't need these old blog posts with dead links hanging around.  Enjoy!

Hug Club's Windows 8.1 Live Tile

Now that Windows 8.1 is good and ready, you'll be able to pin the website to your start screen!  Simply open up Internet Explorer (metro) visit, right click and click the star (favorites) icon at the bottom.  Finally, click the pin icon and you're done! (You can click the Reference links to see the larger image).

Don't forget, the tile features RSS updates.  For a direct link, you may use this:  

G+ Page

I've rolled out a G+ page, Refer to the key below to find out what is what:

Main Website = Ecards, Comic, Store.
This Blog = News and updates regarding the main website.
G+ Page = A feed of my illustrations and promotions.

Have fun :)

Prototyping Products

I picked up some canvases and tried pressing images via heat transfers.  This was the result, Panda on a Canvas.  I'll have to try other images!  These will probably sell for 10 dollars a piece and I'll even sign them!  Looking forward to this!

New Way to Preview Cards

I did a bit of work on the site. You can now preview the e-card animation by simply clicking on the image after you've selected it.  Notice it will say "click to preview animation".

Follow the example below via the real website.  Click cards, Select a Category and then the card itself. You'll see the preview button on the screen where you enter card details.

(note that in the older blog posts below, you won't be able to click those previews anymore)

There's still lots of work to do. One category (love cards) does not have anything yet. The animations take time (not to make, that's easy...) but to "think of" a good idea. I'm simply trying not to go down the cheesy rout ;)